The Study Regions

Historical Population in the District of Sitia, Crete

This map shows the historical population of settlements in Sitia from the 16th to 19th centuries. Sitia is the easternmost district on the island of Crete, and the Zakros Valley is located on its eastern coast. The map shows data for the entire district because this is how surveyors and administrative officials recorded population over the past few centuries.

To explore the map, click on the arrows in the upper left corner to access the legend panel. Check the box next to each layer to turn it “on” or “off.” You can also click on an individual settlement in the map to pull up a summary of information about that place.

Keep in mind that this map does not show all the data contained in these historical records – just some of the more interesting categories.

Footpaths in the Vicinity of Zakros

This map shows the location of historical footpaths in the area around Zakros. Some of these pathways are still preserved today as kalderimia, stone-cobbled paths that were built to facilitate movement between the valley and the fertile uplands. Others are nothing more than traces where vegetation does not currently grow.

Click on a line segment to see more information about how the pathway was recorded. For some, photographs are provided to give a sense of what these fascinating archaeological features look like!